Link to your practice

In the View Profile section, at the bottom of the My account screen, you will see options under the heading 'Linked practices'. The 2 available options are detailed below. 

Link to practice

If you move practice, your old practice will close your Patient Access account in their clinical system, however, the account details are still held on the Patient Access website. The account will be restricted, as you are no longer linked to a practice, but you can still access the account and link to your new practice. This essentially means you don't have to register from scratch, just sign in and link to your new practice. To do this, you first need to obtain a registration letter from your new practice. The details on the letter will enable you to link to them and continue using Patient Access. 

Once you have been issued with a registration letter for the new site, you can link to the practice using the steps below:

  1. Sign in with your existing details. 
    You will only have access to a restricted account at this point.
  2. Click on your name in the top right-hand corner, then select View Profile.
  3. Scroll down and click on Link to practice.
  4. Locate your new practice by entering the postcode, then enter the details of your new practice from the registration letter.
    You are now linked to your new practice and you'll have access to all enabled services. 

Alternatively, Patient Access can send you a delete account email and you can delete your account and re-register from scratch at your new practice. Contact us here to make the request.

My practice

This part of the section is for information only. The following details, unique to your account, are available if required:

  • Practice ODS Code
  • Account ID
  • Account Linkage Key

Still having a problem?

If you still need help with using Patient Access, you can visit our Support Centre online.

If you want to discuss medical issues, please contact your practice