Change password

The View Profile option, which is visible once your name is selected

If you would like to change your password, follow the steps below. 

Your password:

  • Must contain at least one lower-case letter;
  • Must contain at least one upper-case letter;
  • Must contain at least one number;
  • Must be at least 8 characters long.
  1. Select your name in the top right hand corner.
  2. Select View Profile.
    The My account details screen is displayed.
  3. Select Change password.
  4. Enter the following:
    1. Current Password.
    2. New Password.
    3. Confirm New Password.
    Tip: If you are using a private computer or device, not a public computer, and would like your password to be visible as you type, select Show at the end of the password field.
  5. Select Save

Still having a problem?

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