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  COVID-19 Vaccination Information

Patients with at least one dose of the vaccine, who have access to medication and immunisations enabled by their practice, can view information about their COVID-19 vaccinations record. Read more about the COVID-19 Vaccination Card here.
Depending on the clinical system your GP practice uses; this option may not be available a to you.

Note: Available for England only.

Health Advice Get health advice using links to self-care resources. If enabled by your practice, you can also submit forms detailing any symptoms you are having and update your practice on any existing conditions. Read more about getting health advice here.
 Your Appointments     Book, view, cancel or print appointments.
 Repeat Medication Request repeat medication, or view previous requests. You can also cancel a request if required.
Note: Acute medication is for information only. Acute medication cannot be requested using Patient Access. Contact your practice.
 Medical Record 

Access the various sections of your medical record. You can also filter, where applicable by date, share and export some sections of your record.
Depending on the clinical system your GP practice uses; this option may not be available a to you.


Send, view or delete secure messages between yourself and your practice.
Depending on the clinical system your GP practice uses; this option may not be available a to you.
Note: This is for non-urgent enquiries only.


Upcoming appointments  Your next appointment (or select View all to view every future appointment you have booked and any past appointments). You can also select New booking to book a new appointment.  
Medication requests Any requests that are ‘In Progress’ (or select View all to view all current and previous requests). You can also select New request to request further medication. 
Messages  New/unread messages from your practice in response to a query you have raised (or click View all to view all messages). You can also select New message to send a new (non-urgent) message. 
Nominated pharmacy Add or edit your nominated pharmacy.
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My account 

The My account option, which is visible once your name is selected

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My account     Update your account details, i.e. email address, phone number and password. 
Update your contact details, i.e. address (if enabled).  
View, nominate or edit your nominated pharmacy to identity where you would like to collect your medication. 
Manage payment methods for pharmacy appointments, some of which are chargeable. 
View the available services that your practice provide, and view which services you have enabled. 
Sign Out Sign out of your Patient Access account. 

Help & Support

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Access the support centre which contains training guidance on using Patient Access and common queries.  


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  View notifications which alert you of unread messages, new services, missing contact details, and other important information.
Note: Once you have read the notifications, you can choose to Clear All in the top right-hand corner. 

Still having a problem?

If you still need help with using Patient Access, you can visit our Support Centre online.

If you want to discuss medical issues, please contact your practice