Nominated pharmacy

Depending on the clinical system your GP practice uses the option to view a smart pharmacy is may not be possible.

Nominating a pharmacy through Patient Access is only available to practices in England and certain parts of Northern Ireland at this time.

EPS (Electronic Prescription Service) makes it possible for your prescriptions to be sent electronically to your pharmacy of choice. Your pharmacy of choice is referred to as your nominated pharmacy. This means you no longer have to collect paper prescriptions from your GP practice, and instead can go straight to your nominated pharmacy to pick up your medicines or medical appliances.

More information on the service can be located here. Check with your GP practice to see if they offer the service.      

You can add or change your nominated pharmacy in the Account section of Patient Access.

The Account option, which is visible once your name is selected

Nominate pharmacy

The Nominated pharmacy section

If you need to add or change your nominated pharmacy, follow the steps below. 

Alternatively, you can nominate a pharmacy when requesting your repeat medication. Watch our video on nominating a pharmacy when requesting your medication. 

    1. Sign in to Patient Access.
    2. Select your name in the top right hand corner.
    3. Select Account.
      The Account details screen is displayed.
    4. Select the Nominated pharmacy screen.  
    5. Select either Nominate pharmacy (if you don't currently have a nomination) or Change to send your medication to a different pharmacy.
    6. Enter a postcode to find a local pharmacy. 
    7. Select Search.
    8. Select the pharmacy of your choice from the list provided.
      Note: When you select a pharmacy, the location is displayed on the map to the right.
    9. Select Continue
    10. Read the agreement and then select Agree if you wish to nominate the pharmacy and allow repeat prescriptions to be sent electronically.
      You have nominated your pharmacy of choice. 

The Nominated pharmacy section with a nomination

I can't see or change my nominated pharmacy
You may not be able view or change your nominated pharmacy in Patient Access if:

  • Your prescription is dispensed by your GP practice
  • You get your medication from more than one pharmacy

Nominate a Smart Pharmacy

Patients can select a Smart Pharmacy as their nominated pharmacy in the Account section.

The Select a Pharmacy screen

For more information about Smart Pharmacy, click here.

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