COVID-19 Vaccination Card

Please note, this new feature is only available to Patient Access users in England.

The COVID-19 Vaccination Card is an exciting new feature within the Patient Access website and app. The card makes it simple for patients to view their COVID-19 vaccination record from the home-screen. 

COVID-19 Vaccination Card on the Patient Access app home-screen.

The card is visible to patients whose practice have enabled access to Medication and Immunisations in their detailed care record. It will be available if they have received either the first or second doses of the vaccine and will include the name of the vaccine and date administered.

IOS and Android app users will need to update their Patient Access app to v2.7.2 in order to view the card.

COVID-19 vaccination information is also visible in the Immunisations section of a patients medical record.

For those patients who do not have their detailed care record and immunisations enabled, the new feature will not be automatically visible in the Patient Access website and app. If you do not have this access, you can speak to your practice. 

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