Notice Triage Screen Functionality

In respect of the triage screens accessible via Patient Connect in relation to the Community Pharmacy Consultation Referral Service provided via NHS England, it is acknowledged and agree that:

  • The GP practice is responsible for ensuring that the triage functionality is used appropriately and that those individuals with access to the same are adequately trained and supported in its use;
  • The triage screens are intended to aid and supplement, not substitute for, the expertise and judgment of those using the screens – if the triage screens are being used by anyone other than a healthcare professional, then it is the responsibility of the GP practice to ensure that such users are being appropriately supervised, monitored and supported;
  • The triage services are provided on the basis that the healthcare professionals at the GP practice responsible for patient care will retain full and sole responsibility for patient care (and whether a referral to a pharmacy or other healthcare service or otherwise is appropriate in the circumstances);
  • It is the GP practice that is choosing to provide the referral service to its patients; and
  • Use of the Community Pharmacy Consultation Referral Service is subject to the terms set out in the end user licence agreement (available at: together with the notice set out above.

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