Proxy access FAQs

We've prepared 6 FAQs to assist with explaining what proxy access is, and how you can become a proxy user. The practice (where the patient is registered) manages the registration side of proxy access and will provide you with a registration letter that can connect you with the patient via Patient Access.

What is proxy access?

Proxy access allows a parent, relative or carer to manage online services on behalf of another patient. 

Depending on the level of access required, the proxy user could book appointments for the patient, order repeat medication and access their medical record, e.g. test results.

Who would benefit from becoming a proxy user?

A parent with young children, someone caring for a friend or relative, or a professional carer.

Does the patient I care for have to be registered at the same practice as myself?

No, as long as both practices offer Patient Access, you can still manage their account.

I already have my own Patient Access account, how do I gain access to my child's account?

You are most likely registered at the same practice, but you don't have to be. Ask your practice to register you as a proxy user for your child and they will provide you with a registration letter.

As you already use Patient Access, you do not need to register a second account for your child, you can use your existing account and link to the required practice and patient.

You only need to do this once, you can link to as many children/patients as you need to, and simply switch between patients by selecting your name in the top right corner of Patient Access, then select Linked Users. If you are using the app on your mobile, select More to access linked users. 

I don't use Patient Access but need to act as a proxy for a relative, how do I gain access?

Ask your relative's practice to register you as a proxy user, they will require written authority and will guide you through their own local procedures. Once the practice have registered you, you will be given a registration letter. Register your account here using the practice postcode and the details from the registration letter. You will automatically be linked to the relative in question. 

Can care homes use proxy access and does each patient have to have their own account? Most do not have an email address.

The patients do NOT need an account, the proxy needs to be registered and given access to the account(s). For example, one care home staff member could manage the accounts of all 10/20/30 patients. The staff member would have one set of login details and then be able to switch between patients. A proxy user can be linked to as many patients as needed.

Still having a problem?

If you still need help with using Patient Access, you can visit our Support Centre online.

If you want to discuss medical issues, please contact your practice