Registration in Scotland

Ask your practice for a Patient Access registration letter.

When you collect the letter from your practice, you'll need to take proof of identity (e.g. your driving licence or passport) with you.

When you have a registration letter, use the steps below to set up your Patient Access account. First create a Patient Access account, then link to your practice using the unique details on the registration letter. 

Create your Patient Access account

  1. On the Patient Access sign in screen, select Register.
  2. Enter your personal details.
    Note: The gender field is optional.
  3. Enter your account details.
    Note: The Mobile phone and Marketing fields are optional. 
  4. Accept the Terms and Conditions.
  5. Select Create account.
  6. The account is created. Next choose one of the following options:
    1. Link your GP practice (to link to your practice).
    2. Skip for now (you can always link later using the Navigation pane or the My Account section (available when you select your name)).
  7. Your account has been created.

Link to your practice

Next use the registration letter to link to your practice. 

  1. Select Link Your GP Practice, at either the end of the registration process detailed above, or from the navigation pane.
  2. On the postcode search screen, click the link for practices not located in England. 
  3. Enter your PIN, Practice ID and Access ID (recorded on the registration letter).
  4. Check your personal details and enter either your house number, flat number, or street number, then select Continue.
    Note: The personal details must match the details held by your practice.
  5. Confirm (enter) your password, then select Link Account
  6. On the confirmation screen, select Done.
    Your account has been linked to your practice.   

Still having a problem?

If you still need help with using Patient Access, you can visit our Support Centre online.

If you want to discuss medical issues, please contact your practice