What is GP Shared Record History?

GP Shared Record History is a new feature of Patient Access and provides an audit trail for patients of when and why (where applicable) their care record has been viewed by a healthcare organisation outside of their practice. This may have been to assist with a decision as part of patient care, a referral, or even in accident and emergency.

The GP Shared Record History feature will only be available to patients who have access to either their medical record or repeat prescribing. 

The feature will only provide shared record history for the last 12 months on a rolling basis. 

Should we need to access your record to find the root cause of a technical issue, this entry will appear as system support engineer. You can click on the information button to view the reason for the access.

The option for GP Shared Record History is available under Medical Record on the dashboard and provides the following information:

  • Organisation - This column details the organisation the healthcare professional works for.
  • Date/Time - The date and time your record was viewed.
  • Reason (if available) - If available, this column will show a reason for why your record was viewed.

Data sharing is controlled by your practice, and the viewing of your care record by another healthcare organisation will take place within a clinical system, not Patient Access.  If you have any concerns or queries about sharing your data, please contact your practice.

Further information on data sharing is available here.


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